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my name is ethan silva, better known by my stage name "Pacific Purgatory". i started this musical project in september of 2019 as a vehicle to put out the songs i made in my bedroom. this project is largely a way to utilize the musical talents i have learned and practiced in an artistic way, as well as connect with those who may relate to it or enjoy it.

i was born in hawaii and lived there until i was 8 (currently in las vegas). although not a lot of time, those first 8 years of my life are what i consider to be some of the best years of my childhood. because of this, many of my songs deal with the topic of nostalgia, and how we often reminisce about times that have come to pass. even the moniker i chose to adopt holds sentimental value for me: "pacific" because of the location of the islands, and "purgatory" because my grandparents that live in hawaii encouraged me to become catholic.

despite the strong implication of self-hatred in my songs, i truly believe that each and everyone of us has the potential to make it in life, whatever that means. try not to think of it as loathing for oneself, but rather as identifying problems that should (and can) be resolved with hard work and enough dedication to improve.

thank you for listening to my music. stay tuned. love you <3